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Our mission: Assisting insurers, capital providers, regulators, academics and other stakeholders address the challenges and opportunities of accelerating cyber risk in the global economy.

About us

Qualrisk Cyber Insurance Center is the trusted partner for navigating complex cyber risk management challenges. We offer dynamic, data-driven solutions to insurers, regulators, academics, and other stakeholders in the global economy.

Our comprehensive services include strategic advisory, data analysis, research, and tailored training programs. We help clients develop and execute effective strategies using the QualRisk Cyber Strategy Framework.

With our market intelligence and analysis, clients can make informed decisions and capitalize on growth opportunities. Our research expertise and collaborations with academia drive innovation in the cyber domain.

Through training and education, we equip individuals and teams with the necessary skills to excel in the dynamic cyber market. We serve MGAs, insurers, reinsurers, capital market investors, private equity firms, cyber security companies, regulators, academia, and think tanks.

Partner with Qualrisk to navigate the evolving cyber risk landscape and achieve your strategic goals.

Our Services


QualRisk is the leading advisor to the cyber insurance market. We help companies involved in cyber insurance set and execute their strategies, and in particular ensure their use of data and analytics position them to compete successfully.

QualRisk’s approach to strategy development uses the QualRisk Cyber Strategy Framework and a collaborative client-centered process to develop value-adding and more profitable strategies in cyber insurance.  The Framework includes eleven modules including current strength and capability assessment, segment choice evaluation, MGA strategy, and product design. QCC strategy engagements can cover all modules, or focus on one or two areas.

Data Products

QualRisk data products are based on detailed analysis of all publicly available cyber market data, scanning for the latest market developments, and QualRisk’s proprietary analysis and market intelligence:

The quarterly Cyber Insurance Market Report (CIMR) provides essential market intelligence and analysis, to help  companies make informed decisions and capitalize on potential growth opportunities.

The QualRisk Cyber Database (QCD) provides data and analysis on key industry participants, including tracking of insurers, reinsurers, MGAs, and data, analytics, and modeling providers.


We offer comprehensive support for carriers, reinsurers, and brokers through bespoke cyber risk research and solving complex cyber analytics problems. Research is conducted either by our in-house team or in collaboration with leading academic institutions. By partnering with established institutions, QualRisk’s clients benefit from increased exposure and access to future cyber talent.

Under our Cyber Economics brand we provide a wealth of free educational materials and market insights, from university students starting out in cyber, to experienced cyber professionals.

Training & Education

QualRisk offers comprehensive training, from online training modules to bespoke workshops, that provide individuals and teams with the necessary skills to stay competitive in the dynamic cyber market. Our up-to-date curriculum covers a range of topics including technical modelling, cyber specific programming, market insights and trends, and the latest regulatory developments.

Our courses help individuals stay up to date with the ever-evolving cyber risk landscape, market dynamics, and the latest analytical and programming techniques, so that they can continue to innovate and deliver successful performance in their own businesses.

Our Clients Industries

MGAs, InsurerS & Reinsurers

We help MGAs, insurers, and reinsurers evaluate their segment strategies in cyber, optimize their cyber insurance portfolio,  improve profitability, and develop new markets and opportunities.

Capital Market & ILS Investors

We help capital market investors gain a better understanding of the cyber insurance market, enhance their portfolio and risk selection, and analyze opportunities in cyber ILS (Insurance-Linked Securities). 

Private Equity & VC Investors

We support private equity and venture capital investors in analyzing the cyber space, evaluating startups and other potential investments, connecting them with like-minded entrepreneurs through our network, and providing support for acquisitions and mergers.

Cyber SEcurity Sector

We assist cyber security firms in capitalizing on the cyber insurance opportunity. We help cyber security firms leverage their rich, often unstructured data to create actionable insights and data products, in addition to enabling them to grow revenue faster.

Regulators & Public Sector

We assist regulators in developing sensible public policies, harnessing the potential of cyber insurance for national security, and aligning them with global regulatory developments.


We facilitate collaborations between universities, academia, and industry partners for research projects and long-term partnerships, as industries increasingly look to academia for ideas, solutions, and talent in the cyber domain.


By leveraging our expertise, think tanks can produce more timely, accurate, and relevant research that can be used to inform policy decisions. Through our services, we can help think tanks to better assess the potential impact of cyber threats and understand its implications.

Others Industries

There are numerous other industries that can benefit from the unique opportunities offered by the cyber realm. Don’t hesitate to contact us to explore how we can help you leverage the power of cyber.


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